Ptarmigan Feathers

It's been another fun and busy weekend. After a couple days of easy recovering from CO we jumped back on the training wagon. I really want to do better at the college races in Winter Park, so I've been putting the hammer down.

After practice on Friday, my new roomate Clay and I went for some extra-curricular training up the Ptarmigan couloir. We skied about 5k into a stiff headwind with some flurries of snow coming down. The couloir is a sweet S turn that climbs a couple thousand feet at probably 45 degrees to the ridge of Ptarmigan peak. The snow conidtions were great, and we made good time, but we had to turn around before the top, before it got too dark. Just for practice, we played with the rope, and set up a running belay with snow picket anchors. Lots of fun had by all.

Clay goin' up around the bend


pschauer said...

That's where you've been, I've been trying to get a hold of you. You should turn on your cell phone sometime :)

ascwr11 said...

Dang that guy in the blue coat looks badass!! Where we going next roomie?

Maureen Grace said...
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