A Lucky Friday the 13th

This Friday the thirteenth was one for the books. It was likely my best Friday the thirteenth on record. I started out the day with possibly the best and hardest interval workout I've done. Mandy Kaempf, our German assistant coach had us do one of her old standard workouts. 12 times up the hill skating without poles. About 1:15 up it, 1:00 down. Then 12 times V2 with poles. My legs felt miraculous. I was totally kicking butt. It definitely feels good to go hard and ski fast and well, even if it is just in a workout.

Straight from that workout, Steffi and I met up with Clay and zipped down to the first pullout past the weigh station on the highway for a day on the ice. I put up a fun lead on some super nice WI3, and set up a yoyo for us to play on. We each did a few laps, tried not to get hit by the cars whizzing past, and tried not to drop any ice on the road. No sunshine, but it sure was good ice, and convenient too!

We got home just in time to meet up some friends for an 80's themed dance party birthday get-together. Danced under the strobe light to some rowdy techno all night. Definitely a good day.

Steffi climbing in fine form with Clay on belay.

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