Yahoo! Sunshine, fast snow, and altitude. We must be in the Rockies! Aspen, CO to be precise. Took us a while to get here, but we've made it. Just in time too. We dodged some epic weather conditions in Anchor-town yesterday and today. Sounds like high winds and deep puddles on top of ice. Yikes.

Our first CU invite race is tomorrow morning. Looking forward to a good altitude classic race.

Here's where we'll be skiing:

Jaime, Rachelle and Steffi enjoying the venue.

Trails on fancy golf courses surrounded by expensive bungalos.

This sure beats Anchorage right now!


pschauer said...

Well at least you guys aren't missing any school. Good luck in the races!

pschauer said...

Dude, so it was a no go on the cabin this weekend. Because classes were cancelled Wed. and Thurs. the nursing school moved two days of clinicals to Friday. So I'll be in the area if you want to do something Monday. The ice might not be good though with the temps and all. Thought I'd let you know. GOOD LUCK!!