10k Hypoxia special

Wahoo! Nothing like 8000' of altitude to get your heart rate up. Today's 10k featured bluebird 30F weather, perfect snow, and very little O2. I've yet to see any results, but I felt strong today despite my sea level blood. Over the last 2 years of travelling up to race in this thin air, I feel like I'm starting to figure it out. I feel stronger than last year too. I hope the results reflect that.

Tomorrow's race should be a good time. The Owl Creek Chase is a 20k point to point skate race. It sounds like we ski up and over a pass. 10k of solid V1 to start us off, with the steepest part at the top. Whew, gotta hit the good pace tomorrow!

Pushing through the pain.
Photo by Jaime Bronga.

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John said...

Nice photo, Karl! Looks gorgeous there. Hope you are having a blast and skiing fast!