Upcoming Updates

And now it is time for me to delve back into the digital world...

I've been a busy adventurer during the summer despite what might be inferred from my complete lack of new stories. My excuse? I've been almost entirely unplugged almost the entire summer. It was great. You should try it.

Now that I'm back at school with plenty of bandwidth, I no longer have any reason to hold the internet in endless suspense, awaiting my next blog entry. And so I've begun composing. But I have a lot to write about, so I'll need a while to get it all down.

In the next short while, expect scintillating stories and even a few pictures of these adventures:

  • Slogging Denali
  • Killing Salmon professionally
  • Kayaking Resurrection Bay 
  • Biking the Denali park road
  • Racing the Nenana River
  • Backpacking Kesugi Ridge
Until then, power down, unplug, go outside, and do something you could blog about!