Race Race Race

It has been a tough three days. Good and tough and tiring and fun. Friday we raced a 10k classic race against the other Rocky Mountain schools. My race was only ok. I felt like I skied well, but I didn't have much pep. Saturday was a mass start 15k classic. We had a big field with 110 racers or so. I like mass start races best, and it was pretty fun, but again I felt tired. Today we had another 15k mass start, this time skating. On the first lap, I felt about how I had all weekend: drained and lacking that extra snap. On the second lap, out of nowhere I felt super awesome! I picked up the pace quite a bit, and had that perfect feeling as I went over the last hills into the finish. Gotta love endorphins! UAA had an historically excellent weekend. We won the Seawolf invitational! That marks our first ever men and women combined alpine and nordic victory in our Rocky Mountain division. Not to be our last either. Now I'm pretty well exhausted, and I have to go back to school in the morning to boot.

I've picked out a pretty interesting school schedule this semester. I have 4 day weekends! But, I have to pay for it on Mondays. I have class with no real breaks from 8:30 until 3:45. Then a 3 hour break to go skiing, then class again from 7 till 9:30. Then Tuesdays and Wednesdays are pretty normal with a couple classes. Thursday through Sunday though, I can do as I please.

Wednesday we leave for sunny, warm Aspen, Colorado for the Colorado University invitational. Should be a nice change. It's darkish and coldish here.

I was unable to capture images of the events. Electronics and bare fingers and the cold wind at Kincaid weren't mixing. Maybe next time.

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pschauer said...

The Alpine team gets to go check out Aspen. Sadly you guys get to go to Eldora (AKA Heldora). I'm am curious to see what you think of the venue. :) The drive up there is cool, but the race set up is interesting. Have fun, and good luck!!