Nationals into College Racing.

Well, the remainder of the Nationals races failed to happen, for me anyway. The classic distance race that I was really looking forward to was cancelled, and the sprint was postponed until yesterday. I wanted to do the sprint race, as I'm usually best at double poling, but with back to back to back college distance races, it didn't make sense to kill myself sprinting in the cold. Today for my 21st birthday, I get to race a 10k classic, tomorrow a 15k classic, and Sunday a 15k skate. School starts on Monday. Wednesday we leave town for the Colorado invite down in Aspen. Gotta love ski season!

The UAA women's team won the US national college cup, Congrats to them! And one of our Freshwomen placed 4th in the nation at yesterday's sprint race, Way to go Amy! UAA men were second for the US college cup. We'll know after this weekend how UAA does in the first two college invitationals. So far we're looking good.

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pschauer said...

WAY TO GO UAA!! I'm soooo excited and proud to have skied for the UAA Ski Team. Happy birthday dude! I hope you have a grand day, with and awesome ski race. Pass my luck on to the team. It would be exciting to come away with a win at home!! I'm way too stoked right now!