Post Regionals

Today's race wasn't good by any standards. I was excited, and pumped before the race, but unfortunately I forgot to check the little number on the back of my inhaler. I found out after struggling through 15k of asthma (at 5000 feet of altitude) that my inhaler was empty, and when I took it before my race I got nothing but propellant. The devil truly is in the details. I feel like I would have had a great race today if not for my medication malfunction. I had a really tough time of it. Racing at altitude is difficult enough, with the asthma limiting my breathing, it really was arduous. I feel like I cheated myself out of a good race; like today's effort, however painful, didn't really count.

This afternoon we rolled down to Lake Tahoe for a swim. It was super sunny all morning, so we were expecting a sunny, sandy blue lake shore. By the time we got there it was cool, cloudy and windy, and the water was more gray than blue. We couldn't find any sandy beaches either, so we settled for the end of the boat launch dock. Everyone but Raphael jumped in. Hooting and hollering all around. Very refreshing.

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Pablo said...

Nice work anyhow. At least you remembered to take it. Some times I would get so caught up in the race hoopla that I would forget it all together. Who qualified for NCAAs? Congrats to the team for qualifying a full team! That is super exciting!