Hickok Success!

This Sunday was the Hickok pursuit, one of the Anchorage cup races. 5k classic and 5k skate. With no college races this weekend, it was a great opportunity to get some extra racing in between the big important races. All of the local all-stars were in attendance. Former olympians, college racers, pros, semi-pros, coaches and everyone in between came out for a super fun low-key event. I felt really excited and relaxed before the race. I was out for a day of tough competition with all of my local badass racing compatriots.

I had it all: good skis, good snow, and the ever elusive "good feeling" that nordic racers are always hoping for. Everything came together for me, and I had a really excellent race. I beat a number of people that I've never beaten before, but more importantly I felt stronger and just plain better than I ever have before. It's super nice to have races like these for a little validation of all the tough training I've put in. I'm definitely going to try to ride this feeling into the collegiate western regionals next week.

This is the feeling that I live for, and it makes all of the sacrifice absolutely worth it.

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