Springtime Silliness

Wow, an entire month has slipped by since I've posted anything. Not because nothing has happened, in fact quite the contrary. After plowing through midterms, I've been busy having a super awesome spring. By now the sun is staying out later, the temps are coming up a bit, and the racing season is winding down. Expect posts on:

1. My first 50k race.
2. An epic Spring Break
3. After-school backcountry skiing
4. Ice-climibing romps
5. General Merriment.

I'll be in Fairbanks next week for the US Nationals. These are my last ski races of the season, and I'm looking forward to being on my home turf. I should have time in between races to fill in some of the rowdier adventures of the last few weeks. By now the stories have fermented well, and are ready to be uncorked.


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