Hatcher Pass Pow-Pow

Whiiiiishhhh......whooooosshhh......shhhheeeeeeeesssss. Slicing through clouds. Milk. Silk. Icing on a cake. Dancing porpoises on my feet. Brilliant hot shining sun. This is where life really begins.

Hatcher's pass got dumped on, and the AMH crew that wasn't working on Sunday jetted out to rip some freshies. Galen, Jason, Paul, Katie, Mason-dog and myself skinned up in T-shirts. The avy conditions weren't bad where we were, super uniform down to the ground. We skied a couple sweet laps of deep deep powder on the low-angle. Nothing feels better than that 3-D skiing. Hero-snow. It really is intoxicating. I could see quitting school, and just skiing every day.... Nah, I guess I'll have my cake and eat it too. Back to school on Monday.

Katie struggling with thin skins, Mason keeping her company.
Galen digging a pit to check the snow pack.
Paul is almost as stoked as I am!
Jason steezin' his way up the skin track.

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