Night Skiing

Tonight I went looking for some slightly warmer ski trails out at the top of Gilmore Trail road. It's now -40 down in town, but up to -10 in the hills. It was super fun to be out in the woods at night! Sometimes when I ski with the high-power fancy headlamp blaring, it feels like it's darker than it really is. When I got out to the top of the hill, I turned it off for a bit. *click*... Yep it is really that dark. With no moon and no light pollution the stars were out bright! It's pretty mesmerizing to ski alone at night on snowmachine trails. Nothing but the narrow headlamp beam, the squeaking of cold snow, and the occasional spooky scratching of alders playing in the wind.

Mega-icicle on the breathing mask.

Yep, it's dark.

More as it happens...

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